About Us

According to the current situation, Nepal's labor market is characterized by rigid regulations and unionization, which reduce incentives to hire workers through formal contracts, resulting in insufficient job creation and high levels of unpaid work and underemployment, driving many people to seek work abroad. This job portal and labour market Database System is an initiative job portal for making the tedious, ad-hoc, and manual syatem into the digitalised system where the job seekers can apply for job and an employer can post the job vacancy in the portal. The main objective of this job portal is to provide employment services and labour market information to job seekers, enterprises and concerned labour market actors.


The main objectives of the establishment of Employment Information Center are to:

  • Identify of unemployment in th labour market through data collection of unemployed people
  • Search employment area and opportunities
  • Make simple and easy access of labur market information through electonic media making
  • Minimize teh gap between demand and supply


The following are the functions of Employment Information Centre:

  • Distribute unemployment registration form and data collection of unemployed people
  • Enter statistical data through electronic medium
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Update data
  • Discussion and interaction with employers
  • Identification of employment opportunities
  • Management of labour market information
  • Marketing of labour market opportunities
  • Prepare various informative report on unemployment and employment opportunities
  • Provide and give feedback on policy issues
  • Organize job fair and provide consultancy services related to employment